Share your journey. Document your journey. Narrate your journey.

Your story is valuable. Maybe you don’t see it.

Think of it as a guide for someone who hasn’t yet gone through what you have.

If only you looked at yourself through the eyes of the ones you inspired.

Every time you stop from sharing what you know because ‘who will listen to me; I am nobody’, some nobody is sharing what they know and that becomes the ‘gold standard’.

You have a moral responsibility to share.

Don’t try to minimize your struggle. Try to make it more meaningful.

You can never minimize your struggle. It will only suppress your emotions.

However, you can always figure out what it means.

Feeling intimidated by a colleague daily? Does it mean you aren’t ‘cool enough’ or does it simply mean they do not make you feel involved?

Trying too hard to find work you love? Does this mean you aren’t worth it or does it mean your efforts are compounding to give you 10X return?

Parents asking you for small things? Does this mean they are poking their nose or does this mean they simply want to lower their anxiety by making sure you’re safe? 

When we suppress struggle, it doesn’t go away. It just bottles up making us question ourselves daily.

When we choose the meaning of our struggle, we use it instead of it using us. 


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