How it Started

It all started with a one-line mail (all her mails are succinct, probably a reaction to a lifetime of dealing with verbose authors like me ) from R Sivapriya, my editor at Juggernaut. It simply asked: Would you like to write a few short stories on ichcha dhari nagin? I thought it would be a hoot and spent the next five months writing nine short stories dealing with ichcha dhari nagins as they went through various challenges. Without a doubt it was one of the most fun writing assignment I have ever had. Me, Siva and Janani grappled with various issues and dilemmas dealing with these mythical creatures, so as we all await the print edition release, here, just for fun, a few questions nobody ever asks about ichcha dhari nagins and my thoughts about them.

Questions and Answers

Question 1

Snakes have a life span of 9 years, humans have a life span of over 60 years. Where do the twain meet?


You all remember that story ‘duration of life’ from Aesop’s fables that talks about how man increased his original life span of only 30 years by taking the years the other animals didn’t want? I think the years of snake in a human life are sexy, filled with power and charisma and hence they last only 9 years. Post that, the ichchadhari nag shuffles off the mortal coil and the man is back to leading an ordinary life. By the way, the maximum tenure to be the president of the USA is 8 years. Coincidence?

Question 2

Can a male snake morph into a woman and vice-versa? If yes, are those transgender ichchadharis?


This might be worth a story in itself. So be patient, my dear readers.

Question 3

Do all snakes have the power to morph into a human being? If not, then is morphing into humans considered an ability or a deformity?


I always feel other animals in the animal kingdom do not think very highly of us. After all, I don’t see any animal other than human being apologetic about its treatment of other animals. So I am thinking that if all snakes don’t morph into human beings it’s because they don’t have to. And the ichchadharis are seen while not exactly as deformed, but something of a curiosity. Like your neighbor if he earned his living throwing knives at women in a circus.

Question 4

If a snake in human form mates with a human of opposite gender, how does the said snake’s partner back in the snake kingdom feel about it?


Well many species of snakes including cobras practice various forms of monogamy so certainly they don’t like their partners straying. But then again, like I said, I don’t think snakes hold humans in high esteem, so maybe they would have a “what happens in Vegas” kind of attitude about the whole mating with human thingie.

Question 5

If there is one thing about us humans that really pisses off the snakes, what would it be?


Of course Jaani Dushman- ek anokhi kahani. Short of touching them with a lit cigarette while sleeping, can’t think of the worst way to piss them off than casting Armaan Kohli as an ichcha dhari nag.

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