Over the last few months, we’ve read over 500 submissions. Here are the voices that stood out, who we signed on as our authors.



Hitesha has worked as a journalist and a copywriter, and is the founder of two successful design & communication firms. Apart from writing, she enjoys speed biking, painting and travelling.



Archana is a businesswoman by profession, an artist by temperament and hobby, and an author by choice. Her two kids, aged 15 and 14, are the inspiration behind her book.



Saurbh works as a manager in the day and turns to writing at night. His first book, Seduced by Murder, was critically acclaimed. He has published short stories and also won an international short-story writing competition.



Tarana calls herself a teacher who listens. She has been teaching for 15 years and counselling students about their careers. In her most recent appointment as a housemistress at a boarding school, she found herself being a surrogate mother, friend and teacher to about a hundred girls. Her book was born out of that experience.



Taufeeq (Toffee) is a 27-year-old author who doubles up as a software analyst. He codes by the day and writes by the night.





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