Empowering Stories: Women’s Day Special

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“Here’s to strong women: May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.”

On the occasion of women’s day, we share with you our most empowering titles celebrating strong, badass women and their unique stories. Wishing everyone a Happy Women’s Day!


  1. The Housemaid who became a Comedy Sensation- 

This is the story of Mumbai’s funniest maushi, Deepika Mhatre, who turned to stand-up comedy to talk about her community’s hardships. The mic is her magic wand and she is changing mindsets one joke at a time. This is a chapter from WHEN I GROW UP I WANT TO BE

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  1. Indira: India’s Most Powerful Prime Minister- Sagarika Ghose

This spellbinding biographical portrait of Indira Gandhi excavates both the iron lady and the flesh-and-blood woman. Sagarika Ghose looks for answers to lingering questions: from Indira’s religious politics to Sanjay Gandhi’s strange grip over her. This is the only book you need to read on Indira.

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  1. The Sanitary Man from a Sacred Land- Twinkle Khanna

Witty, touching and utterly inspiring, Twinkle Khanna retells, in fictional form, the extraordinary story of Arunachalam Muruganantham, and how he created the low-cost sanitary napkin. Written in Khanna’s trademark style of humour and empathy, this classic novella inspired the film PADMAN.

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  1. The Repressed Woman- OSHO 

Osho shares his thoughts on how society has been treating women and what amendments are crucial to be made.

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  1. The Obedient Student – Ms Natasha

Samira is a naughty girl who hates studying. She has already gotten rid of many tutors by making life hell for them. But when her parents bring in Miss Astha, a strict, no-nonsense tutor, Samira will finally learn how to be a good student.

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  1. I have Faith in my People: the Congress Underground Radio- Aanchal Malhotra

In this essay, oral historian Aanchal Malhotra explores a big moment of resistance during India’s freedom struggle – the Congress underground radio. This is an excerpt from OUR FREEDOMS: ESSAYS AND STORIES FROM INDIA’S BEST WRITERS

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  1. Dragon Aunty Returns- Debeshi Gooptu

A Bengali woman meets a Punjabi mirchi in a swanky residential complex of Gurgaon. Mrinalini can’t tolerate the boisterous Punjabi dragon. The only problem is, they become friends. How long will this adventurous friendship survive?


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