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Ravinder Singh is the author of India’s highest selling love story and the country’s top selling romance writer. His journey to becoming a bestselling romance writer was an unlikely one. Born to a Sikh a family in Odisha, he is an ISB graduate who started his career at Infosys and then moved to Microsoft. 

His dream was to build a successful corporate career for himself. Then tragedy hit him – his then girlfriend died in a car crash just days before their planned engagement. The heartbreak led him to write his first book I Too Had A Love Story. A runaway bestseller, it  was a story that touched the hearts of millions of people. 

Ravinder’s journey to becoming a publishing success was not an easy one. His first book was rejected by publishers, but he was determined to share his story. He roamed the streets of Daryaganj asking almost every printing press if they would print 500 copies of his book and asked the footpath vendors of Connaught Place if they would keep some copies of the book for sale.

When he finally found a publisher, it was under the agreement that he would have to do all the marketing and promotion by himself. He was committed to getting his story out and so he agreed. People loved the book and it soon became a word-of-mouth sensation. He essentially scripted  his own success, and now he is the author of 9 bestselling books.

Describing the secret of his success, he has said: “[Readers] happen to see themselves in my characters. In particular, the emotions. The hesitation of first love, the heartbreaking moments, the tears, the pain. It’s not the language. I keep it simple. The day I write literary fiction, I will disconnect with them.” 

Our readers are loving his new series of e-singles co-authored with Ruchi Kokcha. We find these weekly bite-sized love stories perfect for a bedtime reading session. This week we spoke to him about his writing process, dating apps, crazy fan experiences, and more!

Q. How did you come about writing your first book? And when/how did you know that modern romance and friendships was going to be your thing?

Ravinder: I wrote it as a catharsis. I had lost my first girlfriend and it was my way to deal with my pain. When my second novel Can Love Happen Twice? turned out to be a bestseller, I realized modern romance was my thing.

Q. What do you think about dating apps? And how do you think love has changed or writing about love has changed since people started using dating apps?

Ravinder: I think we need them. However, we need more positive stories to emerge out of them. Dating apps have brought in new opportunities in a writer’s head to make his characters meet. In the real world it has made dates happen quickly. Love! or not is a different thing. 

Q. Your books sell huge numbers, your events are always full and readers start cheering when they see you. What’s the craziest fan experience that you have had?

Ravinder: Once a fan boarded a train from Gujarat and came all the way to ISB Hyderabad, where I was studying MBA. She was in class XII!

Q. Have readers ever written to you on social media or have come up to you in person to discuss their love life and ask for advice?

Ravinder: A lot. So much so that I started a YouTube channel on relationships. 

Q. Do you find it easy or difficult to write about women characters in love? What’s your research like to get their pov?

Ravinder: I like writing about them. In fact they are the more important characters than men in my books. My research basically is my observation of them. They are quite complex.

Q. What has your writing process been during the lockdown? How do you get into the zone?

Ravinder: For the first time I am churning out smaller stories. I am enjoying writing these e-Singles. I don’t have a schedule, though. I am very moody.

Q. In case of your new e-singles, you have co-authored them with Ruchi Kokcha. How did that work? 

Ravinder:  I conceptualise the story, create the plot and characters. My co-author prepares the first draft. I work on the second draft and prepare it for the publishers. In the next step my editor and I work on the final draft that breaks into print. 

Q. What advice do you have for writers who are just starting out?

Ravinder: Write! That’s what they fail to do, but want to do. Write, even if you think what you are writing isn’t right. Write the wrong thing, but please write. And then go about making it right, sentence by sentence. 

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