Ms Natasha lives between Delhi and Bangalore. Though she ties up men for a living, she secretly desires their wives. In this Q&A, she talks about what she wants in a partner, and what matters more, looks or charms.

What makes sex interesting for you? 

The complete and utter mystery of it. It’s the most natural thing in the world, the reason we’re all here, but it’s so damn messy and complex too, completely mysterious and vast and full of surprise and variety, pleasure and pain. Sometimes it’s an expression of love, sometimes lust, sometimes anger, sometimes sadness, sometimes joy, sometimes it’s comforting, surprising, sometimes it’s very dangerous. If you’re attuned to it, if you pay attention, sex is a form of meditation, you can learn so much about yourself and the world. At other times, it’s a pure physical release. And then it’s also a rebellion. Sex is most interesting for me, though, when it crosses some mental or physical line, when it becomes transgressive. But often the most erotic things happen before and after sex.

What is the one thing you find sexy in a partner?

Freedom from boundaries and a willingness to experiment that comes from this. There’s nothing sexier than being with someone who is shedding their skin and crossing all the barriers and constructs and assumptions about the mind and the body. Knowing you’re with someone who is open and willing to become someone new in the bedroom is as sexy as it gets. Also, when it comes to women, I love breasts.

What’s the most outrageous thing you’ve done for sex?And the most embarrassing? 

I’ve never had to do anything outrageous, and I don’t get embarrassed. I’ve always been able to make men do outrageous things for me. I’ve become very good at making men beg, tying them up, buying me things. It’s very easy to do this to men. Women, not so easy. With men I’m dominant, with women I become very submissive.

Looks or charm – what matters more?

When someone is making a move on you, when you’re being flirted with, when someone is trying to talk you into bed, charm can always make up for looks. In fact, there’s something extremely arousing about being charmed into bed by someone who doesn’t have the typical good looks. A person’s charm can be incredibly erotic, they can become good looking because of it. But sometimes looks matter. When you see someone who’s exactly your type, who switches on some in-built, hard wired desire that you have very little control over, that can be as good as anything. You want them and you want them to have you, and that’s it. In this case you might not even meet them again. The body wants what it wants. In men and women, I have a very definite type.

What is the sexiest movie you’ve ever watched?

David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive, or recently the South Korean film, The Handmaiden. Both involving erotic relationships between women, power struggles, jealousies, hidden desires and deception. I also get turned on by anything with vampires. Vampires are very sexy.

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