There are 100+ plus covers in the Juggernaut app. This is why.

The traditional book cover is a hero in our app.

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When the Juggernaut app launches, you will see more than 100+ covers within the app. We have, in fact, told our authors we will design three covers per book, and monitor which covers get the most traction.

Simply put, in-app, the cover is the most impactful way to make you read the previews.

Add to this the current reality that ebook distributors in the market treat covers so poorly it becomes a clear opportunity for us.

Here is why:

IMG_3837Screen size and resolution: Display size and resolution have become so advanced in the last five years that users are progressively consuming more and more content on their phones. While screen size can be taken to an extreme, the disproportionately high use of the smartphone to shoot images and video has made mobile experiences give images pride of place.

Concepts: One of Juggernaut core editorial strengths is the concepts that we create with our authors. While the text is the final word on a book, the cover is the most attractive first representation of the book concept. If you are a Netflix user, you will find their constant use of the movie poster as an interaction device across carousels.

Emotional response: All our user-testing has shown that users respond to emotions to discover newIMG_3838 things — a strong cover ensures both familiarity and a positive response to bold typography, colour and images. AirBnB set the benchmark when they made us feel secure, happy and imagine ourselves in an apartment when we saw beautiful images of rooms all over the world.

The future of covers: Both swipe actions and GIFs again make us very excited about the user interaction possibilities of the cover. (More on this soon.)

Covers are social: And finally, we want to have conversations as early as possible about the book. And a book cover is the perfect device to begin a conversation with a potential audience. P.S.: Images account for more than 90 per cent clicks on social media.


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