Scientists and philosophers have spent centuries trying to understand the other side of life – but Sadhguru says, the secret lies right before us, if only, we are open to seeing it. Here are 5 incredible quotes from the master himself on what happens after death – 

  1. Heaven is not a geographical place. Those who have made a hell out of themselves are saying there is another heaven. 

  2. If you knew that you are a flower that blooms in the morning and dies in the evening, you would not miss a single flower on the way. 

  3. There are believers and nonbelievers, both are in the same boat, arguing about something that they do not know. 

  4. Do not try to think about what happens beyond death, as that is not the realm of your mind. 

  5. What we call yoga is an inner technology which can deliver you into a state of perception that gives you access to both life and death. 

Read ‘What Happens After Death’ by Sadhguru for free as he answers our #QuestionoftheDay on 3rd July. 



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