Why He Isn’t Better Than You

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In an increasingly globalised world, we face greater competition than ever before – and with social media giving us access to the best moments in everyone else’s life, it can be tough to feel like you’re enough. Osho explains why comparison is the root of our dissatisfaction – 

  • Accept yourself

This is the way existence wants you to be. Some trees are taller, some are shorter – neither have reason to believe they are inferior. They serve different purposes. Someone will always be better than you, but by that definition, you are also better than someone else. 

  • Discover your talent

Everyone is different, they have different skills, they have different needs – you must find your unique gift and appreciate it. Use it to spread happiness in the world, instead of lamenting upon the fact that someone else is better at something else than you. Life is too short to lose yourself in comparison. 

  • Live in the moment 

Perceive everything you do as an opportunity to manifest godliness. Then, life will not be just an ordinary, routine, day-to-day existence, but a dance from cradle to grave. Relax, appreciate and enjoy!

Osho enlightens us further on why comparison leads neither to growth nor happiness in ‘Comparison leads to Tension’, which will be free on 13th September, 2021 as part of #BounceBack. 


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