Why do we celebrate Dusshera?

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The holy festival of Navratri has finally begun and one could simply tell this by nip in the air. As the country is all set to fast or feast for the nine days of the divine festival and welcome goddess Durga in their homes, we take a look at why we celebrate Navratri and how it is celebrated in different parts of the country.

Here are 5 insightful bite-sized reads we recommend:

1. Why do we worship?


Millionaire turned monk, contemporary mystic Om Swami  renounced his wealth in 2010. Educated at Western Sydney University, he is author of 10 books that talk about spirituality, self-development, etc. He believes that the goal of worship is to feel free

2. Why do we fast during Navratras?


Why are Navratras associated with fasting? Many Indian ‘religious’ practices have a useful reason behind them, garbed in theology to culturally induct and sustain them. Fasting during the two Navratras is an example. It is meant to work at three levels. Read to know more.

3. Why is Ravana worshipped in Sri Lanka?


Ravana is honoured in Sri Lanka and is certainly held in great esteem. You will find a fine statue of him carved on the wall of the Koneswaram temple, an important historical Shiva temple at Trincomalee. There are two factors at play concerning why he is so important. Read to find out

4. Why do we celebrate Dusshera?


There are many reasons and ways we celebrate Dussehra – a festival based, of course, on the Ramayana but interpreted, enacted and observed in a number of culturally and personally different ways.

5. Why do we celebrate Durga Puja?

durga puja

Durga Puja is both a collective and personal event that may be grounded in a great story from our vivid ancient scripture but acts out every year in millions of ordinary lives as an extraordinary period of intense activity and emotion. What is the significance of Durga Puja?


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