From chudails to dead bodies, India has a world of potential when we talk about horror stories. Indian writers have been writing ghost stories since an eternity and it’s time we give them the credit that’s due! So, this week we bring you some of our best Indian horror and thriller stories for free!

  • The Scar by Lavina R

Ratul is happily surprised with his birthday gift, but there is something he doesn’t know yet.

  • Love and Punishment by Dipan Dutta

When Shreya falls in love with Anshuman, little did she know what lay in store for both of them.

  • Devil’s Skyline by Vismay Harani

Kuldeep is smitten by the girl across the street. But there’s more to the girl and her house than meets his eye. Would he be able to uncover the secret?

  • The Ghosts of Gurugram Episode #1 by Debeshi Gooptu

When Tara Chatterjee moves to Gurugram to make a fresh start after a painful breakup, she has no idea what lies in store for her. Things start unravelling when a cat starts following her around…

  • The Author by Mayur Didolkar

A bestselling author is brought to the police station on the charges of assaulting a young woman. Despite all the back and forth, only one person knows the truth. Would justice be served?


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