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Want to do your bit during this time? Our author Jasreen Mayal Khanna is writing a book on Seva: Sikh Secrets on How to be Good in the Real World. Starting this week, she highlights one organisation that’s doing amazing Covid relief work. Here is her recommendation for this week.

Mann Deshi Foundation

This 25-year-old organisation is dedicated to the economic empowerment of rural women. They were the first to set up a bank for and by rural women and also aid women from rural India in setting up and growing their businesses. They’ve supported over 600,000 women and run Business Schools and Chambers of Commerce for them. 

Since March 2020, Mann Deshi has been working very closely with the District Collector of Satara to provide food relief to 20,000 families. They’ve distributed 24,000+ meals to migrant workers as well as medical supplies: thousands of litres of sanitiser, PPE kits, masks and protective gear. They have also refurbished and stocked two rural hospitals which have benefitted 2500+ people and are running safety awareness campaigns through a community radio which reaches over 50,000 people.

Mann Deshi Foundation’s current focus is to procure medical equipment and funds for the hospitals they support .They need immediate help for a medical fund which will support poor rural families in Satara district receive COVID treatment.

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