Election by Elimination

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Why do we choose Narendra Modi again and again? Pradeep Gupta, India’s leading election forecaster, helps us understand why he remains in power. 

  • Leadership Vacuum

Congress, the main opposition to BJP since decades, has not been able to offer a strong contender against Narendra Modi. If Rahul Gandhi was to be this, he was never given a chance – neither was he officially declared a prime ministerial candidate by the UPA, nor has he been able to gather appeal from the electorate. 

  • Geography-Demography

With over sixty percent share of parliamentary seats, the North and West part of India have greater population and density and therefore, a representative from there is more likely to succeed. In these parts of the country, Hindi is spoken or understood by almost the entire population and therefore a successful PM contender needs to be a strong communicator in Hindi. 

  • The Dynastic Appeal – Repelled

Modi is able to project a special dedication to the country. For citizens who are tired of dynasties like the Gandhis and Thackerays, Modi’s bachelorhood is also perceived as his single-mindedness towards the country and a lack of interest in furthering his family’s progress. 

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  • Capturing the Common Man-tality 

One person who had the right mix of attributes to compete against Modi was Nitish Kumar, whose origins and work are a credit to him and whose loss in 2014 won him public sympathy. However, Modi positioned himself as the ‘bechara’ too – only, he succeeded in converting it into a position of power. He captured the imagination of the Aam Aadmi and branded himself as a champion of the common man. 

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Read more about how and why we may be seeing more of Narendra Modi in coming years in ‘Who If Not Modi’ by Pradeep Gupta. 



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