Coming soon: A new and revamped Juggernaut App

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We’re excited with our new product release and here is what you can expect from it.

See more content when you open the app

Optimized Discover Screen

We have optimised the discover screens, carousel image sizes and overall layout so that you can see more when you open the app. With every scroll you see more content. It’s a fine balance between having a large enough sized book cover that gives the reader enough detail but having an optimized layout that allows for more discovery. We will eagerly be checking on our click through rates to see if we did enough and would really like your feedback on the same.

In addition, we have added a ‘See All’ feature for all carousels to allow the interested reader to go deep into the catalogue.

‘Continue Reading’ on your home screen

Continue reading

 A long pending requirement was to give the reader a glimpse of their shelf so they can open the app and immerse themselves into their last read position. Starting now our readers will be able to see books they started reading but have not yet finished on their home screens.

 No registration for free books

No registration for Free Books

Reading any book including free books previously required registration. Even while we have 1,000+ books free on the platform, reading them was not possible without registration. We see 20-30% drop off at registration and now that readers will be able to access free books without a registration, we hope to also serve as a book store for those who were seeking a casual, fun and free read.

 Faster loading time

 For the readers in transit or with low bandwidth/2G connections we have created a minimalistic layout of the home screen so that they can get a glimpse of the entire catalogue without frustrating load times. We will be benchmarking our load times and see if we have indeed improved the user experience and by how much?

One click book open from shelf


Once you have added a book to your shelf you probably don’t want to click on the book cover to read book details or the author details, you are most certainly looking forward to diving straight into your book and now you can! On clicking the book cover you will now be able to get to the start of your book (in case you are yet to begin) or get straight to your last read position.

We have an ambitious roadmap for the first quarter of the new year. Watch this space for our 2018 product roadmap, we will be sharing it with you very soon.


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