What’s In Your Dabba?

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Good food+Reading = Absolute heaven! And What’s In Your Dabba? does just that. We are super thrilled to launch the Tweak Book imprint in collaboration with Twinkle Khanna’s Tweak India with this delicious book of recipes from your favourite celebrities, chefs, and home cooks. This collection of delectable, easy recipes for everyday eating was curated by food consultant, photographer, and founder of Delectable Reveries (trust us, this blog will make you salivate!)  – Vernika Awal. This week we spoke to her about food blogging, her favourite snack, and more.

In the book: Akshay Kumar’s Avocado Toast

Q. How did you get into culinary art? What was your journey like? Was it something that you always wanted to do?

VA: I was always interested in writing about food and cooking, but didn’t know that I would make a career out of it. I’ve been a journalist for almost a decade now and even when working for my publications, the articles, and features that I enjoyed doing the most were the ones that were about food and culture. I took a sabbatical from full-time work 4 years ago and continued to write on my blog Delectable Reveries. In no time the blog picked up and people started knowing me better because of my digital identity of Delectable Reveries where I talk about food, recipes, and culture. Well, that is how my journey in food and photography started. 

In the book: Bhumi Pednekar’s chicken curry

Q. For the readers who like to munch on something while buried in a book – What is your go-to easy healthy snack?

VA: I always love munching on ghee roasted chilli foxnuts – easy to make and high on nutrition too.

In the book: Katrina Kaif’s idli chutney

Q. What is your favourite part about food blogging? Would you recommend young people get into blogging more?

VA: I feel that though food blogging is now a crowded digital space, but if you have a niche perspective and stories to share alongside your dishes and their relevance, then people connect to you faster. I have made some beautiful bonds in my journey of food blogging, not just with fellow bloggers but with people from across the country to have contributed in making me rich with information by teaching me about their culture and food. Food is one of the most tangible cultural symbols and I feel it is our responsibility as bloggers to preserve it. 

I would recommend young people to get into blogging, simply so that you always have a space to call your own where your thoughts can be poured out and be shared with the world.

In the book: Pooja Dhingra’s chocolate cardamom cookies

Q. What would you prefer – a hearty home-cooked lunch or a dinner at a michelin star restaurant?

VA: A hearty home-cooked lunch, always. Nothing like a dal-chawal meal to come back to :)

Q. During the process of curating ‘What’s In Your Dabba?’ did you have anyone particular incident that stood out? Did you have an unexpected moment or some such?

VA: While testing each recipe of the book, I had to ensure that I make the recipe at least 2 times before I put it down as a final recipe because Indian kitchens work on the concept of “andaaz” and experience. So the same recipe which might work out in a contributor’s kitchen in a certain way, might not have the same result in mine. So it was a strenuous job of testing each recipe at least 2 times and then shooting it. Even the shots were all taken in natural light, so sometimes we had to give in to the moods of the weather gods and work around it to create some beautiful food shots. 

In the book: Amninder Sandhu’s tandoori chicken




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