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What is Remembered by Suketu Mehta

12 years after Maximum City, Suketu Mehta brings the story of an NRI in New York, who lives the perfect NRI life in USA — so perfect that he can’t remember a thing about his past in India, not even his mother’s name.

Ramayana for Children: Enjoy this magical retelling of the epic

The perfect way to rediscover, and fall in love with the Ramayana again. Arshia Sattar’s retelling of Valmiki’s Ramayana is closest to the original, and the beautiful writing and illustrations make this a book that your children will love and treasure.

A Shocking Tale of Adultery That Rocked The Nation

A married woman has an extramarital affair with a Scottish missionary who travels the world. Five days of their torrid relationship stay with her forever — even following her into bed with her husband. This is a story of forbidden love that shocked the nation when it was first published as Chittacobra.

The Maoists, the security forces and the people, crushed between them

The Indian Government has repeatedly described Maoist guerrillas as ‘the biggest security threat to the country’ and Bastar in central India as their headquarters. Now the most militarized region in the country, it is not a coincidence that Bastar has some of India’s biggest mineral reserves.
Based on extensive field visits, court testimonies, government documents and an active participant role in the events she writes about, Nandini Sundar also tracks the responses of political parties, the media, human rights activists and the judiciary to the ongoing crisis.

Pallav Patankar, The Superhero India Needs

Harish Iyer interviews Pallav Patankar about his coming out story. His story of realisation and acceptance, and the struggles he has faced provide the perfect backdrop to understanding what it means to be gay in India.

All work and some play!

No one goes to work to fraternise, but is sex in the office really as taboo as all that? This collection of guilty pleasures is sure to fire up your Wednesday evening.


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