Our most popular stories on The Lowdown since we launched the blog in January 2016 were:

When Jayalalithaa withstood abuse and stood by MGR’s body for 2 whole days


Published on 5 December 2016, the day the Tamil Nadu chief minister passed away, this extract from Amma, Vaasanthi’s bestselling biography, was our most popular post of the year. Detailing Jayalalitha’s stoic response in the face of abuse after MGR passed away, this extract revealed the inner strength of Amma.

Cover Art: Sweet Dreams by Sunny Leone


We revealed the cover of Sunny Leone’s Sweet Dreams two days before we launched the app, and it shot to the top of our blog posts quite easily. (We still get hits on it!)

#FirstLove: A Juggernaut Love Story Contest

Our first short story contest had a fabulous response, and we received as many comments and queries on it as the entries!  Just kidding — there were a lot more entries!

How I investigated the business of digital hate in India

cover troll 3-1024x512

Journalist Swati Chaturvedi’s book, I am a Troll, made waves not just in Parliament, but also on our blog. Swati’s behind-the-scenes essay on how she went about investigating right-wing trolls was one of our most-viewed posts.

Meet Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga, ‘ex-troll’, now BJP spokesperson


Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga, who was appointed Delhi BJP spokesperson recently, finds himself in the headlines every now and then. When Swati Chaturvedi wrote about his past actions, such as attacking  the lawyer Prashant Bhushan, and how an ex-BJP worker levelled charges of sexual harassment against him, readers came in droves. So did the trolls! (But that’s a different story by itself.)

5 Hindi books that should be translated to English immediately


We are always on the lookout for translations, and we wanted to know which Hindi novels haven’t had translations yet. We came up with a short list of these 5 books.

Operation Pawan: When ‘our boys’ became our enemies


Journalist Sushant Singh wrote a poignant piece about Operation Pawan, India’s ill-fated military mission in Sri Lanka, and how the LTTE, a rebel group that India had trained, armed and supported, turned against them, dragging the IPKF into a military quagmire.

5 War Books You Should Read

Raghu Raman, ex-military-turned-corporate, wrote us a list of 5 war books that one must read. Suffice to say, it was a listicle that was very well-read!

‘Imagine launching a military operation in a foreign country with the aid of tourist brochures and guide maps’

operation cactus

We’ve a great audience who loves Indian military history. Sushant’s first post, this one about Operation Cactus, India’s operation in Maldives, went behind the scenes of how India planned and executed the military operation, and how he came across the story — and what a story it was! The military operation was planned with tourist brochures and guide maps, and Rajiv Gandhi, the prime minister, gave tips on landing in Male!

How To Get Published On Juggernaut

We gave writers tips on how to submit to us, and answered a few FAQs. We’re glad this is one of our most-read posts! :-)

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