Osho says that it’s time science and spirituality came together to explores what happens after death. 

  1. Science has not been able to demystify death

The deeper one studies science, the more confusing it gets. One discovers that it isn’t about matter, it’s about energy. How does one define energy? Now even the smallest objects can contain a universe. 

  1. The theory of relativity

What Albert Einstein says now, Mahavira said 2500 years ago. He answered all questions with ‘Perhaps’ – for example, if he was asked the question, ‘Is there a God?’, he would answer, ‘Perhaps’. Einstein, in his theory of relativity, declared, everything is flexible and fluid.

  1. There are no things in the world, only thoughts. 

A Nobel prize-winner once said, ‘The universe no longer looks like a thing, but like a thought.’ – that means that the universe is more consciousness than matter. As we explore neutrons, electrons and protons closely, we realise that they don’t behave scientifically – and there has to be more to explain why they behave the way they do!

  1. What should we do?

Osho says, don’t try to reconcile things. Don’t try to be sure – just watch. Look deeper and understand that there is no conflict in existence – everything is already reconciled. 

Osho confronts age old mysteries of life and death in ‘Solving the Ultimate Mystery’, which will be free as part of #ReadersChoice on 4th October 2021 on the Juggernaut app!


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