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We asked some of the authors we’ve published in the last year to tell us what they thought of Juggernaut (we secretly hoped all of them were nice to us :-) ). Here’s what they had to say:

Shriya Garg
Author of Nothing Less Than Perfect & Take One More Chance


I’ve been in the publishing industry for more than 8 years now, and had a book published before I interacted with the Juggernaut team. Right from day one, I was blown away by the professionalism, promptness, and enthusiasm of the entire team. The publishing industry does not have a spotless record when it comes to dealing with their writers, but I am pleased to report that Juggernaut is extremely transparent and generous with their writers!

Kabir Mandrekar
Author of The Standing Man


The Standing Man is my first book. And with every debut manuscript comes the struggle of finding it a home. I was not spared. I spent two years approaching 13 different publishers and 3 agents before I sent two chapters to Juggernaut. It was a welcome surprise when they actually responded within the first two months as stipulated on the website. I sent in my full manuscript and within three months received an email with some good news from Chiki Sarkar herself, which I couldn’t believe. The rest is history.

Shubhankar Bhattacharya
Author of VCs are from Venus, Entrepreneurs are from Mars


As a first-time author new to the world of writing and publishing, I had heard many horror stories about how the process of finding a publisher was like running a gauntlet that would last several months in the best of cases. Bracing for the worst, I reached out to two publishers, Juggernaut being one of them. A few emails and less than a week later, I had a deal with Juggernaut! I have yet to receive a response from the other publisher (it’s been more than one-and-a-half years at the time of this writing).

But the difference with the Juggernaut experience doesn’t end there. The pedigree of the Juggernaut team shines through in the superlative quality of their services. As a novice who was previously wary of the value that professional editors bring in, I am now convinced that Amish (Juggernaut’s editor) transformed the book from the work of an inexperienced amateur to one that was fit to be published and read.

As a digital-first publisher, Juggernaut also helped my book reach a tech-savvy audience that increasingly prefers digital modes of consumption. I couldn’t be more indebted to Juggernaut for making my first experience as an author so fulfilling and hassle-free.

Thomas Jacob
Author of Start-Up Love and Anjuna Beats

It’s been a fantastic experience writing for Juggernaut. The acquisition of my work was swift, the editors extremely supportive and the book covers beautifully designed. They’ve made the whole publishing process super-professional, and for a debut author like me, tranquil and stress-free. I was initially skeptical about the concept of my books being read on a phone, but now, I’m a fan of the beautifully designed app and it’s got me reading again after a long time!

Andaleeb Wajid
Author of It Waits, Will the Oven Explode? & A Sweet Deal


It’s been a wonderful experience being a Juggernaut author. I think one of the best things about them is the speed with which they publish my books and are truly one of the only publishers who can keep pace with my own speed as an author! I’ve loved working with the editors of my books, find them very driven and focused, and they’ve helped me immensely in improving my manuscript. I look forward to publishing many more books with Juggernaut!

Vibha Batra
Author of Ludhiana to London


Hello ji!
As my maker (not God, VB) is taking maternity-shaternity leaves, I’m giving congo (not country, congrats). Happy anni, ji.

And thank you all nice nice peoples at thee Juggernaut.

Thank you for taking my ‘Lav’ story to thee publics. Thank you for making Ludhiana to London household name. (What? It’s not household name? Then why that VB is jumping?)

Anyways, leave. Keep doing old old authors. Keep coming with new new ones. BOLLs (not body part, Best of Luck & Love) to you, ji!

Mahi Ahluwalia,
Panty* Planner,
Ludhiana to London,
on behalf of author Vibha Batra
*Printing mistake


From submitting my collection of 12 stories to making it to the Bestseller List for March 2017 and having all my books released till date featured in the ‘Most Popular’/’Top of the Charts’ ranking in the Love, Sex & Romance category, it was a breeze thanks to the invaluable support and encouragement I received from Trisha and the rest of the editorial team. With smart editing, captivating covers and ease of access on the digital platform, Team Juggernaut gave wings to my dreams by presenting my stories to my readers. Some bonds are here to stay!

Shraddha Sahi
Author of A Great Fall


The light at the end of the tunnel – that’s what Juggernaut books was to me! It was relatively simple to write the book. What followed was a frustrating and complicated process of submissions and waiting. There were some who didn’t reply, others did so after months and some were ‘don’t ask us, we’ll call you if we’re interested’. Or there was this, ‘it’s not you, it’s us’ explanation. Actually, the whole thing was quite like dating!

What a pleasure it was to get a transparent process and a super fast reply from Juggernaut! I found an enthusiastic and positive editor in Trisha and my book just took off after that. From submission to release in just a few months! I’d recommend Juggernaut Books to every author, new or experienced. Open up your world!

Debeshi Gooptu Bakshi
Author of Dragon Aunty Returns


As someone who works in the digital domain, heading content strategy for a leading digital marketing firm, working with global corporates, brands, NGOs and the government, my leaning towards all things digital is inevitable.

When Juggernaut Books was launched last year, it was a blessing and not even in disguise! With its model of disrupting the idea of traditional publishing and reading, Juggernaut has, in a very short time, established itself as the go-to platform for authors and readers. After having self-published my first book through Amazon’s Kindle Select program, I couldn’t wait to send a proposal to Juggernaut for my second. Thankfully, they accepted it in double quick time and my book found a publisher. It was a pleasure working with my editor Trisha Bora and the entire process has been a breeze!

Parvati Sharma
Author of Brunch

When I signed with Juggernaut a year ago, hardly anyone I told recognised the name, and a kind of bemused shrug was the most reaction I got. Now, people recognise it with an exclamation point: “Oh! Juggernaut!” It’s nice to bask in some of that reflected glory; even nicer to know there’s room for optimism in a publishing scenario that’s been heavy on the doom, gloom and grim prognostication in recent years. Nicest, though, has been working with my editor, Sivapriya, who has fed me much Potbelly tea, nudged me towards better characterisation and gainful employment, and listened to my own doom, gloom and assorted bellyaching with exemplary patience. Thank you Sivapriya, and Happy Birthday Juggernaut!

Vandana Shanker
Author of Don’t Fall in Love


Juggernaut turns a year old and so do I as an author. And what a fantastic year-long journey it has been. I went on to publish another work ‘Dust of Ages’ as a series of e-books, thanks to Juggernaut’s initiation into the world of reading and technology! A great pioneering trend.


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