What makes for a great consumer product?

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As we come within a few weeks of launch, I find myself obsessively thinking about what makes a great consumer product.
There are enough examples around the world where design and technology have attacked a human problem so effectively that users have come to expect and respect that software or hardware can change their world — Apple, Uber, WhatsApp and Netflix are some great examples where the big vision behind the product translated into game-changing detail and user experiences. All these products have two things in common — they created sharp user-experiences that captured market opportunity, and built on goals that mattered to the largest audiences. So here goes:

How did we describe the problem?
When we saw the market opportunity six months ago, our description of the problem was thus:

1. While many Indians read, there are too few readers per book in India.
2. There are too few books to choose from.
3. Books are too expensive, long and unrepresentative of a smartphone-led India.
4. There are as many writers as readers in India, but no platform gives them equal access to publishers or lets them talk to their readers.
5. No one knows who reads books in India and how. Consumer data is negligible.

As we discussed ideas, features and concepts, we came back to the basics: Juggernaut needed to have a product vision or a collection of features that determined an experience which was extremely deep and profound, but in a light way. And like every product group, we made a few assumptions about the way seasoned readers might read and write, and the way new readers might respond to tools that enable reading and writing.

App on Phone


Here are the fundamentals of our app experience:

1. Smart Navigation: Discover, Read, Write and Profile, Search and Language
2. Deep Modes: Reading and Writing
3. Basic User-paths: Book selections to book details to Preview to Buy to Membership
4. States of Engagement: Skip, Signed-in, Pre-purchase, Post-Purchase, In-app community participation, Brand evangelists

What are our goals?

1. Does our content work? Get the user to read a preview and a full book.
2. Are our features interesting? Get the user to rate, review, ask authors questions, write, search, filter, gift and listen.
3. Finally, do we have enough users wanting to build a relationship with Juggernaut via membership?

While you might not see all of this in version 1 of our release, this is where we are heading; this is our current view of this world of software, reading, writing and community actions around books that you will see in our apps.


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