We are very excited to celebrate Valentine’s Week with you. And we have something extraordinary planned- we’ll be releasing some beautiful sagas by your favorite romance writers each day of this week. Let’s take a sneak peek at how your favorite writers define love in their upcoming releases!


Debeshi Gooptu believes that “Love has many shades and can’t be bound by a definition that is static. At different times, it can mean different things to people. I find it fascinating to explore the many shades of meaning in my short stories. (1)

Releasing this week:

Valentine’s Day: Aditya’s parents didn’t approve of his friendship with Manjari. Would the teenager let them put an end to things or was he going to take a stand?


Aastha Atray says “To me, Love is true love when it transcends all societal boundaries. When you are with the one you love, you should feel at peace with the real you, regardless of what the world thinks. This is your safe place. A place without judgment. Love makes you calm in the knowledge that no matter what, you are loved by this one person.” (3) (4)

Releasing this week:

Slide into my DMs: What are the chances of Karan, an old-school political journalist, hitting it off with a much younger female podcaster? 


Sudesna Ghosh while sharing her thoughts about love said, “Love is knowing you’re special to someone. When you’re loved, you’re respected, cherished and you feel like you can overcome any obstacle in your life. You’re never alone.” (2)

Releasing this week:

My First Love: A 35-year old single woman is waiting for her luggage when she meets her old flame at the airport. They had parted ways when the guy’s mother had objected to the girl. Now, they are back in the same town where it all began. Would they get back together this time? 


Lavina R  upon being asked what love is to her, said “I am an ardent Mills and Boon fan. I believe love is like a wild adventure, one that should be packed with excitement and surprises.”


Releasing this week:

The Dirty V-Day Game (erotica): Mona, a beautiful curvy woman, is drawn to her co-actor Dev, a handsome man with a perfectly irresistible body. When she asks him to join her for Valentine’s Day, he tells her he doesn’t believe in love. Desperate to devour Dev, Mona invites him to play a wild V-Day game, one that leaves them both high on pleasure and hungry for more. (5)

Kalakaar says Love is being able to accept the shortcomings of the other person and still be able to give your best to the relationship.”

Releasing this week:

Valentine in need (erotica): Gurmeet and Gaurav realize that the reason for their singlehood is common. So they make a mutually-beneficial arrangement. After all, there are no bounds one cannot cross with like-minded friends!


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