What Indian men don’t understand about Indian women

The ultimate cheat sheet to win a girl’s heart

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I’m sure most Indian men would have a long list of what they want in their women (to those who need just about anyone from the opposite sex for sex, this post is not for them). Well, men, don’t be surprised, us women have lists too, and multiple lists at that! And since no two women are the same, we personalize, customize, and cut to size.


So if you’ve ever wondered why relationships don’t last more than a few months now, and why your partner, who seemed so charming and adorable in the beginning, is now beginning to resemble the devil, think no more! Times have changed, and women want men to understand a few things about them:

  1. Kick chivalry, embrace respect: Honestly, just like modesty, chivalry is almost dead. We don’t want you to pull chairs for us or open doors, or put us on a pedestal and light a lamp for us. No! Respect our opinions and beliefs, respect the personal space we need, and we’ll be charmed.
  1. We need your time more than the expensive gifts: No gift can replace the time we spend together, talking about anything, from the silliest of things to the most important of issues. Trust me, a good sense of humour and a nice conversation over coffee can be more disarming than any gift.
  1. Smart is the new sexy: Be innovative. We don’t mind flowers, chocolates and teddies, but we appreciate hidden handwritten notes or intelligent surprises even more.
  1. The ‘F’ word: Never forget her birthday or your anniversary. It’s just two days in a year, man! And if you can’t remember, put a reminder in your phone or check Facebook. It’s mentioned there, duh!
  1. I am my own boss: Emotional, financial and social independence are a must. Be possessive of your woman, but don’t hold her back from socializing with her friends, especially men. She knows where to draw the line. Also, she doesn’t mind paying or going dutch, you know. Make her feel equal in the relationship!
  1. Pleasure points: You can impress us with your culinary skills, for starters. But try uncharted territories. Find out what makes us happy and where it tingles the most, both emotionally and physically. You bet we’ll thank you for it. Generously.
  1. Sex on the beach: Or kitchen, or the dining table, or the balcony for that matter. You gotta be open to sex and experimenting. First thing, get her consent. And a ‘no’ means a ‘no’. Second, just because we’re having sex, doesn’t mean that there’s no romance. Light a few candles, kiss her like it’s the first time, and see what you get in return.

Treat your girl like she is the only one in the world and she will turn your life around. There are more of these tricks in my books The Pleasure Is All Mine and The Naughty Proposal. Get a copy and go crazy!



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