What eggs say about you as a lover

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We’ve got our hands on a superb relationship book that promises to break all shells! This is an excerpt from the forthcoming book ‘Love’s not a Yolk’ by Dr. Andamitra Bhurji, the foremost eggspert on romance:

Ah, the humble egg. Or so you thought! But the way you eat your eggs can reveal a lot about your personality as a lover. Health experts might be divided upon the effect of eggs on cholesterol, but let me tell you this – when it comes to matters of the heart, there’s nothing quite like the egg. So read on to discover what type of lover you are.



If you like your eggs scrambled, then you believe that a flower says it all. Boring! Yes, you’re very caring and all that but your ideas about love can be a tad archaic. But you don’t fuss about looks at all and remain faithful to the very end. Here’s a tip to spice things up a bit. Add some cheese. Yup, that’s guaranteed to make you cheesy!



You may have a tough exterior like the cooked white but are a softie at heart like the warm runny yolk. You’re introverted and take your time when getting into relationships. But once you allow yourself to fall in love, your soul merges with your twin flame effortlessly. And that’s one very good reason why it helps that poached eggs are the lowest fat option amongst all!

sunny side

Sunny Side Up

If you’re a sunny side up personality, everything is tinted with sugar. And your partner never has to endure a dull moment. However, if you like this preparation, things can get a bit problematic as you constantly fall in and out of love. But once you overcome those commitment issues, you become like a puppy dog that’s content chasing its own tail for eternity.



Romeo was probably the first patron saint of the omelette. Yes, you guessed it right! If you’re a die-hard omelette fan, your love is pure and intense. But alas, you’re so driven by it that you end up brooding most of the time. It would do you a world of good to add a few magic mushrooms to the mix and take a chill pill. Please leave out the onions (and the drama!).


Over Easy

If you’re prone to bawling at the drop of a hat, chances are that you prefer your eggs over easy. Yes, your eyes and nose, just like the white and yellow, are runny. In short, you’re an overly emotional lover; so needy, in fact, that you drive the other person away within no time. So we would strongly suggest you eat those eggs very carefully.

hard boiled

Hard Boiled

A hardboiled egg lover has no place for romance. You’re so driven by your mind that you basically overanalyse things even before your heart can utter a squeak. So yes, essentially you suck at love. But that’s not to say that you don’t possess the spark. Just like peeling these eggs can be a pain, releasing all that love trapped inside can take some work.



If you like to gulp your eggs down raw, then you wear your heart on your sleeve. In an elevator. In the restaurant. Or even when you’re in the loo (via a phone, of course). You also go to any lengths to impress your lover. But do pause to think about the consequences. After all, it would be moot to drive over a cliff to prove your love now, wouldn’t it?

So can you spice up your love life by changing the way you eat your eggs? Absolutely. And while we’re still on the topic of eggs, do check out my favourite book in a long time, Jahangir’s Egg.


You can read Jahangir’s Egg on Juggernaut here: https://goo.gl/0QGZZv


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