A passionate author with a vision and inspiration is what it takes to bring out the essence of any story. And this is what you can feel after reading Hira Mehta’s ‘Misplaced Justice.’

Her story won the We The Women writing contest. She likes writing short stories and short films. Her short story collection book ‘Twisted Tales and more…’ has recently been published and is available on Amazon and Flipkart.

In conversation with Juggernaut, Hira talked about herself and her love for writing:

What inspired you to write ‘Misplaced Justice’?

I like writing stories that challenge the “What if ?” in me, and therefore I like telling a story with a twist at the end. Today the woman is still searching for her place under the sun and most women are not just getting there probably because of society norms, family constraints and sometimes even their own fears and lack of confidence. That for me became the thought. Writing this story, I asked myself what would one do if one went over the edge.

Why do you think it is important for women to tell their stories?

Women should tell their stories because when you do, you  know you are not alone.  You will find strength, understanding and answers from other women with dreams and  similar stories.

What does you think it means to be a woman?

For me it means loving myself, not having to explain myself and most importantly being comfortable and confident in my own skin without fear of being judged.

Three pieces of advice you would give your daughter or a close female friend.

I have always been telling most of my women friends who applaud me for taking time out to do things for myself, to go out and do the same. I do believe that women have their roles in the society and those need to be taken care of, but then when do we live for ourselves. For the working women and homemakers, when it’s Me time it’s also Granny time then. So, I tell my friends that it is okay to say “No, I have my own passion to follow now”. Do whatever you can and want to, but on your own terms… My advice is simple-expectations are plenty, but it is okay to be “selfish” sometimes. Keep the ME in you always alive.

Your favourite books/novelists.

My own book “Twisted Tales and more..” and probably think how I could have made it better and may be more interesting to read!!  I like reading short stories and read whatever catches my fancy on the internet. Though that does not stop me from reading up what works and what does not when writing.

If you haven’t read it yet, then you can read her story here.

Here are some other top amazing entries of the ‘We The Women’ writing contest:

The City Of Joy by Shreya Giria

A sweet tale of first loving the idea of love, then falling in love and then discovering love all over again. A story which relates to all those living through the daily hectic life, about the joy in discovering love again.

Read this sweet and simple tale of love here.

Why Does She Stay? by Sneha Satheendran

She falls in love, but then it turns into an abusive relationship. She tries to withhold for a while and finally breaking the shackles sets herself free. A story reminiscing tales of domestic abuse and getting away from them.

You can read her story here.

Woman Who Raised Kali by Supriya Pant

A strong woman is far more beautiful than a docile one with outer beauty. The story celebrates how women raised with the right ideals are the strongest.

Read the story of this strong girl here.

The Pool by Tanika Godbole

Just one incident and Mahera is no longer liking her body. According to her the changes in her body are snatching away the happiness of her present. This story calls out to all those people who body shame and make the beauty standards in young girls. But the ending definitely gives you some relief.

You can read the full story here.

These were are top-picks of many amazing stories submitted. It was difficult picking out just five because there are lots more to read. Read all you want on the Juggernaut website and app.

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    Thank you Juggernaut for this wonderful opportunity. It was a pleasure participating. I look forward to more.

    Regards Hira

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