Erotica writer Khushbu‘s stories are wild and address the forbidden. She is not shy about sex and that’s what makes her writing an absolute delight. Here, we spoke to her about what matters most to her in a partner, and the most outrageous thing she’s done for sex:

What makes sex interesting for you?

What I like best about sex is the whole process of exploring and discovering my partner. Those intimate aromas and tastes. The sounds of heavy breathing and dirty talking during moments of ecstasy. The look of satisfaction during moments of release. All these vary from one person to another. And they turn me on and excite me more than the actual act of intercourse. I believe a lot of this also gets reflected in my writing.

What is the one thing you find sexy in a partner?

Monotony and routine are the biggest enemies of sex and a partner who is open to experiments is an ideal partner for me.

What is the more outrageous thing you’ve done for sex? And the most embarrassing?

A few years back, my partner and I were to board an early morning train and only one of our tickets was confirmed. The other was waitlisted even at the time of boarding. The TTE was an elderly gentleman and it took us a few words of coaxing (and a couple of hundreds) for him allow us to sneak into the top berth in a fully occupied air-conditioned compartment. He was also kind enough to make sure we had the customary pillow, bed sheet and blanket.

It was well before dawn and quite cold. Those were the early days of our relationship, and as we huddled together under the blanket, the orchestra of snores filling the air, our hormones got the better of us and we had sex right there on that top berth.

I don’t remember when we dozed off.

The embarrassment loomed large before us when day broke. We woke up to discover shocked, scandalized, and in some cases, outright angry eyes fixed on us.

Looks or charm – what matters most?

Looks are for magazine covers and charm is for the dinner table and the living room. It is the willingness to experiment in bed that matters most to me.

What is the sexiest movie you’ve ever watched?

There are quite a few (and I’m not counting the DVDs you bring home sneakily and don’t bother to remember the names – they all have identical names anyway). Otherwise, some of my favourites are Basic Instinct I, Last Tango in Paris, and Blue is the Warmest Colour.

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