You’ve read her books and loved them. We decided to have a chat with Mailini White, one of our favourite erotica writers about what she loves abuot sex and things got personal … Read on:

Juggernaut: What makes sex interesting for you? 

Malini: Frankly speaking, it has been a shifting goal-post, both physically and emotionally. At an early age it was all about the urge to explore, the curiosity to taste the forbidden apple and the peer pressure to grow up.

Now it’s different. The prime movers are kissing, nibbling, frenching, snuggling…the feeling of being on top…in command, dictating the rhythm and motion…getting lost in the heat and abandon.

The afterglow is equally interesting…the slumping together, a mangle of limbs – tired, exhausted and sweating. And finally, coming down from the high and touching ground zero, soaking in the emotional bonding and the realization of sharing moments so intimate with someone really worthy of it.

J: What is the one thing you find sexy in a partner?

MW: His masculinity, if I have to put it in one word. This, in a way, would cover his height, physical fitness and health. For a woman like me, these three things imply higher social respectability for my partner and a better reproductive and evolutionary success.

J: What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve done for sex? 

MW: Oh! I still get embarrassed when I remember those days. I had done my initial schooling in Hong Kong. I was in a group of 7 naughty teenagers, and we dictated the heart beats in a co-ed class of 25.

The school had just introduced yoga sessions and hired a well-qualified yoga guru to teach us. The old man had a good sense of humor. Finding the boys ogling at the girls – which, frankly speaking, we loved and enjoyed – his class would begin with a sermon to the boys that they were there to learn yoga postures and not to check out the yoga babes. He placed all seven of us friends at the back of the hall so that the boys could focus on the instructor. But, that led to another problem. Boys being boys, they just kept looking back at us rather than looking at their instructor.

Finally, the school segregated us and a young disciple of the yoga guru was hired to teach us. It was now our turn to hit on the young man who was about 25 and was quite fit. We had named him the Yoga Gigolo.

Our new instructor was too shy and hesitated in touching us to correct our postures, which most often we deliberately pretended not to know. Once at the end of the class, I took his hand and put it on one of my shoulders saying that it ached there. He withdrew his hand immediately and left the class.

Encouraged by his shyness, we kept devising newer ways to tease him. And one day all seven of us came up with a plan. We went to the bathroom, took off our bras, kept them in our school bags and came to the class in our T-shirts. Our hapless instructor went on with the lessons silently. But, when it finally came to Shavasana, with legs apart and all eyes supposed to be closed, we had a sneak peek at the tent erected in his trousers. He sprang to his feet when he heard us giggling.

The next day the session began with the Principal announcing that from thereon, the old teacher would be conducting our class.

In retrospect, I believe hitting on our yoga teacher and acting as sexual predators was the height of immaturity.

J: Looks or charm – what matters more?

MW: It depends. Attractiveness matters if it’s a casual affair. But for a long-term commitment, women would prefer men with an altruistic nature – someone who was nice.

J: What is the sexiest movie you’ve ever watched?

MW: Dangerous Beauty

Sounds about right. Have some questions for Malini White? Share as a comment and we’ll ask her for you.

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