Watch: 7 Things All Book Readers Hate

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It’s amusing how easily accessible smoking rooms are in the world, isn’t it? Law had made sure that when one gets an uncontrollable urge to light a cigarette, one wouldn’t have to wait for too long to enjoy the puffs in peace. Imagine if all those smoking chambers were replaced with reading rooms! It’s a fairytale, at least for ones who hold reading sacrosanct. Readers need as much peace and quiet, a hideaway, because the world isn’t kind to us, is it? Alas, until reading rooms come about, to the ‘I’m not into reading books kind’, here’s a notice about what you shouldn’t do when you spot a devout reader.

The ‘interrupter’

Please, oh please do not interrupt someone whom you see engulfed in a story, their head down, dug in a book-devouring each word. A seat in the train, a juicy gossip, everything can wait because reading is a book lover’s meditation and you don’t go ahead and destroy that kind of, do you!

The story spiller

Why would anyone do that? It’s downright cruel! There are people who enjoy giving away a book’s story to someone who still hasn’t reached that stage. Why would anyone want to hear what happens. Why are we reading the book then, right?!

The forgetful borrower

Ah, those convenient ‘oops, I forgot’ kinds. To a bibliophile his/her books are treasures, their pride, something they curate over years and painstakingly build a collection. So, next time you borrow a book from such a person, please remember to give it back. It’s their book you have. It doesn’t magically become yours just because you were trusted and given the book!

The ‘movie was so much better’ kind

Just for the record, no film adaptation of a book can ever be as good as the way the author imagined the story, wrote it in excruciating detail. So, next time you tell a book reader ‘oh, watch the film, it’s much better’, you should be ready for a heated debate.

The ‘manhandler’

Just because someone has trusted you with their precious book doesn’t mean you count it as your own. A book lover is always possessive about his/her collection. So, if you borrow a book from such a person, make sure you don’t fold the corners or make doodles on the pages!

The judgemental friend

Your social life can be rocking in its own way, buddy, but for a book lover, sometimes, nothing gives more joy than being huddled in the most comfortable corner with a cup of hot tea, reading all day, for days!

Not being able to carry enough books

A thing that perpetually annoys every avid reader is not being able to carry enough books with them. Book are, unfortunately, quite heavy to be carried around all day. It is a blessing then, that there is Juggernaut. Readers can always carry their favourite Juggernaut books in their pocket with the app.




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