Want to learn writing from Ruskin Bond

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Every one of us has a story inside us – what if we told you you could learn to tell that story from one of the master raconteurs of India, Ruskin Bond?


Juggernaut Books and UnluClass have come together this Diwali to bring you a special offer to learn your favourite art and craft from the best of the best!

About UnluClass – 

Unluclass, the latest offering by Unlu, is an online learning platform that provides in-depth masterclasses from celebrities from different fields. With downloadable workbooks and step-by-step video content, learners can benefit from the insights, experiences, and success stories of their favourite celebrities.

So, you learn the art of writing from Ruskin Bond, acting from Manoj Bajpayee, the nuances of singing from Monali Thakur or explore what goes into becoming a successful comedian from Johnny Lever. That’s as diverse a range as you can get.

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