VITASTA PUBLISHER LOGOJuggernaut expands its Indian writing collection with books from our new partner publisher – Vitasta Publishing, an independent publishing house that has published some of the most controversial nonfiction books that have dared to challenge the reigning narrative. It caused a stir with Girja Kumar’s book on Mahatma Gandhi’s experiments with celibacy, titled Brahmacharya Gandhi and his Women Associates, ‘not a book to be cast aside lightly’, according to DNA newspaper.

On Juggernaut, Vitasta will launch with several bestselling nonfiction titles that will stimulate dialogues around some of India’s best-known historical figures. Author Faraz Ahmad questions the motives behind the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi and whether it was an inside job in Assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, while bestselling author Anuj Dhar’s What Happened to Netaji? delves into the secrecy around the 1945 crash that killed Subhas Chandra Bose.

Vitasta also has an eclectic fiction list, which include A Naxal Story, a novel that sheds light on the Naxalite insurgency based on the author’s own travels in the region, and Faith and Frenzy, a collection of short stories from Kashmir that highlight the Kashmiri Pandit’s exodus, and questions militancy in the state.

Renu Kaul, managing director of Vitasta Publishing, said, ‘We are known for our provocative books. Partnering with Juggernaut will give Vitasta that extra push needed to reach out to this generation of online readers for whom technology has become a way of life. I am confident that, with a young and brilliant team, Juggernaut will do a great job of reviving the culture of reading.’

Juggernaut publisher Chiki Sarkar said, ‘We’re very excited to have Vitasta Publishing on the Juggernaut platform – with their provocative subjects, and out of the box thinking, I know we’ll have great fun publishing these books.’

Vitasta Books are now available on the Juggernaut app.

Our picks:

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What Happened to Netaji?

The fateful crash of 1945 is only a starting point in this book that questions the Indian government’s narrative about Subhas Chandra Bose.

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Assassination of Rajiv Gandhi: An Inside Job?

Was there a cover-up in the investigation into Rajiv Gandhi’s death? Who was responsible, if it was not the LTTE? This provocative book tries to answer these questions.


Charlotte’s End

A Victorian romance that picks up where Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca left off – full of intrigue and deceit, and set in the Second World War.


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