These are the apps Juggernaut cannot do without!

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It is with reason that I use the word ‘app’ despite all these products having desktop interfaces. Their application experiences (iOS in this case) are so seamless that it makes use on-the-move extremely convenient, and a must-have for us:


Quip – An outstanding software for document management, Quip allows you to create text documents, sheets and insert images seamlessly. Permissions can be set and shared across the team. From contracts to strategy to lists, the formats are super-intuitive. Collaboration is also very easy on Quip. Say you create a marketing strategy document and share it with three others, the group can then comment and make edits that are easy to see. Sharing across PDFs or as .docs is also terribly useful. The offline experience is a standout feature where you can work offline from the exact point where you were left off online. For a paid account of $40 a month for a team of 20, this is a must-have.


Marvel – Again, a must-have tool for the design and product team. It has an easy layout of appending Sketch and Photoshop files or Dropbox files that can be downloaded and linked to mimic app-use. The sharing of .apk and .ipa versions allows for offline use and testing, and at $14 per person per month, it’s great value-for-money too.



Trello – As you get into the homestretch of app submission and release, the little things become excruciatingly important. This is where Trello scores: screens you’ve missed, icons that need to get done, Trello collects all your things to do and get-done in an easy interface of to-dos and done. And, it’s absolutely free!


Slack – If you’re working with teams across locations, Slack is a must-have app. Animations, files, quick feedback – nothing is simpler than Slack. Although free for initial use, the $7 package is a great add-on too.


Sketch – iOS design cannot get easier than this. For $99, your designer will weep with joy at how simple Sketch makes designing. The flexible art-boards and reusable icons will kill work time by half.


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