10 Twitter handles you have to follow now!

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We spend a lot of time on Twitter — like, a lot! We can’t help it if there are folks out there — authors, literary magazines, individual handles — who engage us all day long with their tweets and make it so so difficult to get off the darned thing. But we’re not complaining!

Here’s a list of 10 Twitter handles we just love, for their witticisms, original content, plain old bibliophilia and a good measure of eccentricity thrown in:

1. Existential Comics are a web-comic that takes the wisdom of the ancients and converts it into really funny strips, like this one starring Detective Aristotle


2. Pakistani novelist Musharraf Ali Farooqi has started a list of ‘100 Books to Avoid’, and we’re fully behind him:


3. If you’re into SFF, don’t miss the master Guillermo Del Toro‘s account, a handle for gods, monsters and things that go bump in the night:


4. Electric Literature, true to its name, throws up beautiful surprises from the literary world every day:


5. Erotic letters from James Joyce to his sweetheart — check. Steinbeck giving love advice to his son — check. Letters of Note is the one stop you need to read epistolary literary history:


6. Books can make for incredible visuals — just ask Bibliophilia, who tweet beautiful images from across the world and history:


7. Closer home, the literary critic Nilanjana Roy tweets about books, politics, and her struggles with her cats who don’t let her write [while sometimes indulging in poetry :)]:


8. Author and journalist Salil Tripathi tweets on politics mostly, but gems like these crop up every now and then:

  9. The internet is full of advice to new writers. Most of them are clickbaits, except for Jon Winokur’s Advice to Writers page. Warning: some advice may just bamboozle you:

10. Finally, if you haven’t followed The Paris Review, do so now! Perhaps the most eclectic of all literary magazines, with a healthy dose of archives and new material, and very intriguing tweets:


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