We’re delighted to announce that Twinkle Khanna’s book The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad has crossed more than one lakh copies in sales in less than a year of release.

Published in November 2016, the book is a collection of four short stories and marked Twinkle Khanna’s debut as a fiction author. Following from the tremendous success of her first book Mrs Funnybones, she’s achieved the rare milestone of back-to-back 100k sellers.

She is currently working on her third book which will be published by Juggernaut Books.

‘When I was writing The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad, I was rather apprehensive because not only was it a departure from Mrs Funnybones but I was told time and again that people are not interested in anthologies so I feel truly gratified with the success of the book,’ said Twinkle Khanna

‘Twinkle’s unique wit and insight make her a natural storyteller. We’re thrilled about the book’s success and are already gearing up for number three,’ said Chiki Sarkar, editor and publisher, Juggernaut Books

‘It’s incredibly rare for short story collections to be a commercial success in India. With this achievement she has completely bucked this trend in publishing ’ said Anish Chandy, Head of Business Development, Juggernaut Books.


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