We have all been worried sick for our loved ones and ourselves. In times of extreme stress, it’s always better to remember the spiritual aspects of our lives. This is the time to read and reflect. Here are five books that you can read and meditate upon for calmer days in self-isolation.

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  1. Breakfast for the Soul by Subhash Lakhotia 

Count your blessings, not your sorrows. In this book, the author shares some of his experiences in his spiritual journey, focusing on the blessings he has received in different forms. The book represents rare soul-touching ideas which will bring in a new spiritual experience for the readers.

2. The Power of Meditation by Kamlesh Patel

Meditation, apart from calming you, exercises your brain. This is the perfect time for you to be still and meditate.

3. For Total Change, Start Small by OSHO


Often a bigger goal can seem daunting. Osho recommends aiming smaller if you wish to change sustainably.


4. Meditation and surrender by Om Swami


Meditation is a tedious task for many, but it actually is the first step towards surrender and acceptance of life as it is. Monk Om Swami in this gripping and insightful book explains what it means to meditate and surrender to your higher self.

5. The Goal of Meditation by Om Swami

We know that we should meditate. But do we know why? Read this insightful book where Monk Om Swami explains why we should meditate.


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    I am into spirituality but, haven’t read any of these books!! I too have written a similar article you can take a look at it you would love these books too Best spiritual books

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