Think Big and Ye Shall Achieve!

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It can be give up when your dream is bigger than you could ever imagine – but Joseph Schwartz says that the first step to success is thinking big! Here are a few tips on how persistence and determination and bring you the life you imagine – 

  1. You can succeed by believing in yourself.

  2. Intelligence that is guided by your thinking is much more significant than how much intelligence you have.

  3. Use knowledge constructively as it is power.

  4. To build self-confidence, do what you think is right. If we do what our conscience thinks is wrong, we feel guilty, other people discover the truth and lose confidence in us.

  5. Disbelief is not a positive power. Once disbelief penetrates into our mind, “reasons” form in our mind to support these negative thoughts. Never base your judgement of an individual on how extensive their word power is. Always base your judgement on how an individual utilizes their word power and its “effect” on others’.

  6. Focus on what you already have. Do not lose your confidence, and work on battling self-deprecation. Always remember, you are worthy.

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