We live in a time where we have thousands of stories available to read every month, both online and offline. Everyone has a story and 7 billion people in the world means just as many stories. But that said, logically, there are only 8 different types of stories to be told in this world.

For me, a bestselling novel is not the one that touched sales figure of a lakh or more, but the one to have touched at least thousands of hearts. Somebody who’s sitting in India now relates well to the story penned down by a North Carolina boy at the beach and in another example, a novel written by an Indian author for the Indian audiences fails miserably.

The difference is the art of writing your hearts out and making an ordinary incident read beautiful. Also, the connection of the content with the audience and to be able to write relatable stories, you need to make sure that you’re writing probable scenes, lines and chapters.

My novels aren’t typical chic lit stories, but they’re more of romantic thrillers. The only reason behind my success as an author who writes romance stories is that I write from my experiences. My scenes makes my story and not vice versa. Whenever I start writing a story, I think about nothing else but the climax of the book, so that I know the path I am going to play with my words, imagination and experience. Once you know the pitch beforehand, it’s comparatively easier to bet on that.

I also take inspiration from my dreams because they tell you those things which you might not even crack after hundreds of torn papers that you thought were useless.

The more we read, the better observers we become. Chances are very high that you’d write fantastic stories too.

Pick any of my novels, be it Be My Perfect Ending, You Are My Reason to Smile or I Still Think about You, there’s not even a single scene that hasn’t come out of my observation.

Keen observation skills along with my appetite to be curious help me tremendously in writing for television shows.

Writing bestsellers is nothing more than selling your soul to words and still yearning to sell it again and again. The magic of words would only be created when you have the skills of picking all those nuisances that the non-authors often fail to observe. That’s what makes you different. That’s what makes you an author. That’s what makes you a ‘bestseller’.

The Secret to write bestselling love stories is no longer a secret now :) As you have the secret ingredient.

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