The One Bedroom-Kitchen Office

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As the pandemic has lengthened, our work life balance has suffered the most. As the boundaries between the office and the home get blurred, it only adds to one’s stress – but it doesn’t have to be like this. Here’s how we can strike a balance in our work and home life – 

  • Prioritize what’s important

Set your priorities everyday – if you have a work call but also have to meet someone, preplan and set some time aside to either complete the work you need to or reschedule the call well in advance. Don’t try to juggle two things at once – you will not do either well. 

  • Avoid tunnel vision

Work cannot be your only identity. It’s great to invest in work, but understand that you have a more complex existence, and avoiding a deeper exploration can only lead to overworking and burnout. 

  • Don’t skip breaks

It can be easy to skip meals when you’re working from home as there is no designated time for breaks. However, skipping lunch can not only affect your diet and health but also inhibit productivity. Take some time and make sure to replenish yourself physically and mentally. 

  • Learn to say no to additional work 

Our work culture teaches us to not shy away from responsibility and aspire to work as much as possible. But if your manager walks in with additional work at the last minute while you have other deadlines, it is alright to say no. If you’re unsure, check your availability and let your boss know. If it’s unavoidable, work with your boss to see how you can reprioritize your existing deadlines. 

  • Reach out to friends and colleagues

Feeling overwhelmed with work? Reach out to friends and colleagues and see if they can help you share the load. Offer to help if someone else is facing the same issue. 

Read more about establishing a long lasting work-life balance with ‘Work-Life Balance’, which will be available for free on 12th September, 2021 as part of #BounceBack. 


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