In 2018, an unusual comic burst onto the Indian standup comedy scene – Deepika Mhatre, maid by day & performer by night! But, how did she arrive at this juncture?

In The Housemaid Who Became A Comedy Sensation’, we explore how her humble origins led to her becoming India’s favourite ‘maushi’!

1. Small Home filled with Loud Laughter

As a child, Deepika was the life of the party. An ardent helper, she’d help her mother manage her home. Unlike other children, who would have toys to play with or pocket money to enjoy, she had neither – but was always ready with a joke up her sleeve. 


2. A Happy Youth

She may have grown up poor, but there was never a dearth of love. She fell for her neighbour at 21 years old and married him, giving birth to the two-three beautiful girls soon after. 

3. Life as Usual

Her life as a happy housewife was turned upside down when her husband was diagnosed with asthma and she had to become the sole breadwinner for the family. She began to sell jewelry on local trains and took up a job as a maid.

4. A Comedic Turn

At work, one of her ‘madams’ decided to host a talent show for domestic help in her house. Deepika had no specific talent, and she wondered what she would do. That’s when it struck her. She took to the stage and started to share hilarious stories about her life as a maid, and soon had the audience roaring with laughter. 


5. Taking to the Stage

A journalist in the crowd recognized her rare talent and introduced her to a standup comedian, who helped her book her first show. she was an instant hit, in her favourite sari and a big red bindi. Soon, a video of her standup show went viral and she was plagued with requests for appearances and shows!

6. It’s Not Over

Mhatre still juggles two jobs to run her home and takes to the stage to tell her story – the story of a million women, who run our homes and lives without any of the credit. 



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