The Juggernaut product journey

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It’s been a great first year so far, not just because of all the fabulous books we’ve done, but also because we’ve continued to listen to our users and upgrade the app with new features every now and then. Here’s a short timeline of all the major updates we’ve released in the last year:

When the app was released on 22 April, the first version was only for Android phones:

We released the iOS version on 25th May. At the same time, we also enabled offline downloading and reading of books:

Next was Table of Contents, and the Highlight feature, which was released on 30 June:

We needed further categorization of our books as the number of books on Juggernaut continued to rise. So we introduced sub-categories within each genre, and discover pages within each category to make discovery easier:

From the very beginning, we wanted Juggernaut to be a seamless experience across all devices. We launched the Juggernaut website to enable this on 15 November:


Our next update was an overhaul of how the app looked, including the main navigation panel, categories, book details pages and user’s shelf and profile:

Our last major update was to introduce recommendations based on user preferences, activities and browsing history. We also redesigned our search to give users a better experience:

We’re not stopping at this, though. Next up on our list: we’ll soon launch our writing platform, and support Hindi books on the Juggernaut app. As we continue improving, you’ll see more and more features being added on the app.


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