India produces one of the world’s largest workforces every year and more and more students graduate from our educational institutions. But while a degree makes you eligible for the job, it is the interview that eventually decides if you get it. Here are a few tips that can help you ace your next job interview!

  • ‘So…tell me about yourself.’

When an interview asks this of you, he/ she isn’t asking for your life story or experiences – all they want to hear is ‘I can best fill the needs of this role’, not a long winded answer with no point. 

  • Identify the Need

To convince the company that you’re the best candidate for the job, you must first identify exactly what they need. Scrutinize the details of the description – in fact, even if a job title doesn’t fit your application, but the description and skills required match what you have, go for it!

  • The Interview Question Everyone Dreads

‘What’s your greatest weakness?’ – this is a question that can turn the tide in an interview. The purpose is not to actually know the answer, but to understand how the candidate responds to pressure. Instead of fumbling for an answer at the last minute, make sure you prepare options and run them by friends and colleagues. 

  • Don’t forget hygiene

Dress well and according to the job for which you’re aiming. Make sure you listen carefully during the interview and don’t speak unnecessarily. Show interest in the interviewer, do your research and be confident!

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