As part of the #ReadInstead festival, we have been hosting weekly sessions with industry experts for a closed group of 15 people to seek guidance. In the most recent Self Help Circle, we had a chance to host Ankur Warikoo, the founder of who is an entrepreneur, content creator and teacher. Here are 3 nuggets of wisdom he shared with us!

  1. How can we deal with self doubt?

The biggest lie the world was told was that ‘Failure is a stepping stone to success’. While everyone in the world has failed at one point or the other, everyone has not necessarily succeeded. There is something in the middle of failure and success that makes all the difference – that is reflection. If you don’t reflect upon your failure, you will never understand why you failed and that is why the fear of failure will always stay with you. So, reflect upon your failure, understand it and make sure you don’t repeat that. Ask yourself these questions as well – 

  1. What is it that I did not know before failing that I know now?

  2. What is it that I used to believe in that I now know is not true?

  1. How can you find your professional path in life?

If you’re confused about the career you want to pursue, you need to design a way to explore as much as you can in a systematic manner. Make a list of your interests. Make a 3 month designed course that is developed by you. It will consist of digging up everything you can find about the reality of the career that a particular interest leads to, whether you have the skills for it and finding an online course that can teach them to you. Then, you will find people to work for free in that field and actually get on-the-job experience. Once the 3 months are done, you take one decision – did you have fun? If the answer is yes, invest more time in it, go for a formal internship, pick up projects, build a portfolio around it. If the answer is no, repeat this for all your interests until you find a course that makes you say yes!

  1. I have a thousand ideas that I want to implement, but every time I am on the verge of doing so, I find myself pulling back. What should I do?

First of all, understand that what makes you happy and what you’re good at could be 2 different things. If you’re doing something that does not make you happy, it doesn’t make sense to continue even if it pays you well, because you cannot feel fulfilled. The reason you pull back is because you fear what people will think if you fail. How I deal with that is I imagine the worst case scenario if I failed. I vividly imagine that, close my eyes and ask myself this – ‘If that was to happen, would I be okay financially, emotionally, psychologically, physically?’. If you find yourself saying yes, that’s it – go ahead. If you find yourself saying no, find out what will make you okay and do that. 

We are hosting another session of Self Help Circle on Wednesday with Dr.Debmita Dutta at 7pm. You can find out more about it and RSVP here!


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