We are often asked, why do we think Juggernaut will succeed? Who do we think will pay for books? Why hasn’t physical publishing already done what we are trying to do?


Here’s why we think we can build a paid reading audience for mobile:

  1. There is an established mobile transacting public in India: It is clear that there are more than 100 million users on apps in India today. It is also clear that over 50 million users have transacted in some form across both the commerce horizontals and verticals – Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart, PayTM, Jabong, MakeMyTrip, BookMyShow (to name a few). From this number emerges a confidence of trial – small values to medium values – that people are willing to spend a little, to try something of value.
  2. No one has published for a mobile reading Indian public: We don’t believe the answer to books on mobile comes from a simple repurposing of physical books for mobile. To bring on board a new reader, we are publishing an exclusive and wide list that is accessible across content and price, and genres that lend themselves to reading in spurts.
  3. Physical publishing has too many constraints: With high advances, long cycles (payments and publishing), constraints across distribution and low print-runs (with an average of 3,000), and high price points to support the business model, digital is perfectly poised to disrupt this model.
  4. We are building a reading and writing platform: There have been too few titles published in India. We cannot imagine that more than 1.2 billion people can do with less than 1,000 new English titles a year from the big publishers; we are shooting to cross 1,000 titles a year on our apps as soon as we can. To do that, we are democratizing publishing, encouraging you to not just read on our apps but also write on them, and will provide every possible resource for you to do so.

Finally, we strongly believe that technology and design (read user-experience) have the innate power to change entrenched behaviour. Every day across the world we see examples of people using something they never thought they would because technology brought it to their hands or design made them understand how easy it was.

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  1. Mr.Vishram G Naik / January 18, 2016 at 11:23 pm /Reply

    Interlinked thoughts on Knowledge & Human Identity have been self published on a Kindle e-book these and it is a call for help to make things happen.It is to begin with addressed to all
    intelligent life whether human,AI or alien,Kindly read as quoted below
    Dear Juggernaut Team,

    On 10 July 2015 I,Mr.Vishram G Naik, have self published a Kindle e-book “Knowledge(Primarily scientific) Contradiction And Human Identity A call for help”

    Read about your company in Mint Wed 13 Jan 2016.I am not yet comfortable with these processes,I request you to kindly respond appropriately.

    It is amateur ,popular,joining the dots level self pub Kindle e-book on Knowledge & Human Identity by Mr.Vishram G Naik and has to be h/o to authentic institutions

    It has to be edited for glitches etc ,book (thoughts) are a prelude to set things going,inviting the world at large.

    Kindly go through below I intend to hand over this to authentic institutions

    In this thought there can be two independent components one is Knowledge,and the other is Human Identity and the two intend to be co-joined if conditions are favorable.Contradiction is the vehicle to articulate and engage these possibilities.

    This is in an idea-ting stage.

    The thoughts are at this stage fuzzy,mostly likely there will be a multiple set of solutions.

    Just to say life is beautiful may not suffice thus economic content say in the form of Public Private Partnership is being thought off,physical presence to attract is still not history.

    I have still not read my book and have to edit for glitches,also acknowledge Francis Drake,Linda Sagan,add a not uploaded chapter on Common Sense besides another one on Artificial Life

    Though it is at a amateur,popular,joining the dots level it is a prelude to set things going this will require help,world wide public discussions.

    The thoughts are interconnected ,to begin with it is a gentle appeal to a individual intelligent life in any form then it moves on to facilitate preserving and accessing knowledge primarily scientific what we have learn’ t from say 1600 A.D.

    It will try to access the capacity of the Oral as a repository of knowledge and while to begin with use minimalist resources later seamlessly access modern communication,and deeming knowledge ought to be free enable access to quite
    free Massive Online University courses and dynamic encyclopedia as Wikipedia.
    Modules for such an endeavor have to be developed thus this call for help among other things.Personally I cannot even develop a website.

    It is also calling for a add on global human identity running concurrently with national and other identities.

    A add on symbol for intelligent life,the symbol is a easy draw from astro-physics,plucked out from the top left corner of the Pioneer 10 plaque,The symbol is the schematic representation of the hyperfine transition of hydrogen.It is a neutral symbol from science and easy to draw as two circles are joined by a horizontal line with the binary 1 at the center each circle has vertical bars,on the whole a easy to draw unlike say the UN symbol.A potential place is tha each nations flag has a additional white portion on the right hand side on which this symbol is incorporated.All such will obviously require deliberations and consensus but it will also declare where we stand at this phase in our history as a species and promote ourself in the comity of alien intelligent life which are numerous as per the Drake postulate.

    It is also calling for a add on human constitution which in its anthem specifies we are located on the thirld planet fromthe Sun about 30000 light years from the center of the Milky-way galaxy.We need this as by know in the future we will be moving out into the cosmos.

    A add on incentive for Women,Doctors.Teachers,Soldiers.

    The formation of Global/Glocal cities.

    Gesture Extraordinary

    Human Achievements & Introspection Day

    It will petition religion to incorporate in a subsidiary book the knowledge of science under the category of Changing Knowledge.

    Contradiction is the vehicle chosen to articulate this view of life.

    Requesting a response from Juggernaut

    Warm Regards,
    Mr.Vishram G Naik

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