The Best Instagram Accounts for Book-lovers

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At Juggernaut, we’re not always reading books. Sometimes, we like to gawk over them too, especially on Instagram, where all-things-bookish turn to seriously-good-art — and we’re not just talking about book covers. These are the Instagram handles we love — and not just for their recommendations, but their quirkiness and offerings beyond just words and covers.

Never mind the pushing and shoving, sometimes your daily commute to work is all the time you have to thumb through a few pages. Uli Beutter Cohen talks to strangers on the New York subway about the books they are reading, followed by a short review by the readers themselves. How we wish someone did this on the Delhi Metro! Trawl through this for some interesting book recommendations.

“Work” 2008-2011 by Tom Sachs. Dave: “Tom Sachs gave this to me a while ago. It’s one of my favorite books and it goes perfectly with one of my favorite Andy Warhol quotes: ‘I never read I just look at pictures’.” @123dortiz The Girl Who Played With Fire by Stieg Larsson. Ulli: “This book is about revolution wrapped into in a criminal story. It’s incredibly thrilling, attention catching and beautifully written. I would say it’s Scandinavian suspense at its best, which is contradictory to the image I have of Scandinavia. Complicated violent crime is not so much part of that vision. I love summer suspense and I’m re-reading the book right now. There’s something about the focus a thriller creates during a hot day that I really like.” @ubarta @st55nyc #WhatsInYourStrandTote #tomsachs #daveortiz #art #stieglarsson #thegirlwhoplayedwithfire #thriller #summerreads #fallreads #bookreview #newyork #subwaybookreview #helloseptember

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@bpbspine Tastefully portrayed daily book recommendations from Brown Paper Bag, these photographs will have you adding to that already overflowing to-read list, and looking out for spectacular book covers.  

You know the feeling when you just want to drop everything and just keep reading? Jakub Pavlosvsky does just that all across Prague, his hometown – check him out reading in the middle of a teeming sidewalk, on the roof of a house, on the branches of a tree, even underwater. This is what books do to you!

No matter how many books you read, your TBR list only seems to get larger. | #bookscalling 📖

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@nypl The New York Public Library’s official Instagram account features photographs of their library of the Week, #bookfacefriday posts and a range of other topical quirkiness that you just won’t be able to look away from.

LA indie bookshop The Last Bookstore has an account full of books and bookshelves you’ll want to own, or at least pose right next to. From beautiful quotes to innovative postcards and towers of books, you’ll be addicted to these images right away.


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