Cover Art – The Beheading by Abheek Barua

Get a sneak peek into the cover art of The Beheading

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The Beheading by chief economist at HDFC Bank, Abheek Barua, is the only Indian crime novel that brings a sophisticated understanding of forensics and police procedural, and in Inspector Sohini Sen, a world weary, alcoholic, pill addicted, middle-aged cop, we have an extraordinary character.

Our Art Director, Gavin Morris, had this to say about the cover:

This is serious crime novel and rather gruesome but also evocative of Calcutta, we wanted to give a sense of the atmosphere rather than being overt. This image isn’t instantly obvious, is she under the water or reflected on the surface? I wanted an image that would haunt the reader. 

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  1. Chitrotpala Mukherjee / March 13, 2016 at 6:31 pm /Reply

    Amazing Achievement! Indeed very proud.

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