The Age of the Mobile is Upon Us

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Benedict Evans, who works at Andreessen Horowitz, a venture capital firm in Silicon Valley, is one of the few voices who, according to, has ‘articulated the new reality of mobile computing and the enormity of its implications for the growth of technology driven businesses.’ In his most recent post, he put forth 16 compelling arguments on why mobile computing will become the ‘new ecosystem of tech’; why an app developer should have a simple calculation in mind while thinking about an app: ‘Do people want to put your icon on the home screen?’; and why we should stop talking about ‘mobile internet’ and ‘desktop internet’, because ‘it’s like talking about “colour” TV, as opposed to black and white TV’.

Benedict Evans

Some of the 16 theses Evans puts forth are:

  • Mobile is the new central ecosystem of tech
  • Mobile is the internet
  • Mobile isn’t about small screens and PCs aren’t about keyboards – mobile means an ecosystem and that ecosystem will swallow ‘PCs’
  • Apple & Google both won, but it’s complicated

Evans’ arguments are convincing, especially when he argues that it’s a mental block when we talk about ‘mobile internet’, because, quite really, it is the PC that is the lowered-down version of the internet today, whereas smartphone capabilities make them ‘more sophisticated’ as internet platforms than PCs. This post is a must-read for anyone who seeks to understand what the future may hold.



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