The Age and Art of Upskilling

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As you scroll through LinkedIn and Instagram witnessing every friend of yours learning something new, you wonder, why can’t that be you? Well 2 minutes of daydreaming and distraction ends with you going back to the familiar cycle of ‘same old, same old’ – except, you don’t have to! Dhruv Rathee brings us a comprehensive guide to learning anything with ease – 

  • Understanding Concepts

To ensure you learn something well, you must understand its concepts. Feynmann, a Nobel Prize winning physicist, realised that he could learn everything he wanted better when he kept a notebook with himself while he was learning. After reading about the concept, he would then write it down as if explaining it to someone in his own words – it served to help him remember what he had read and understand it better. 

  • Memorization

Memorization is key in most things we learn and a good way to memorise is to understand what our brain remembers. The Memory Palace is a trick that involves using real life locations to create associations to what you want to remember. Mnemonics is another way to memorise well, which is to create a set of phrases that begin with the same letters as the words you want to remember. 

  • Practice > Theory

Many of our subjects have their basis in deep theory, and so we often forget application until required. However, practice and application are the best way to inculcate what you seek to learn in your daily life and therefore in your memory – this works especially well with languages. When it comes to subjects like maths and science, repetitive practice will help you remember like no other method. 

  • See Purpose

To make sure you move forward in learning something, especially something you find uninteresting, it is important to remember why you started. To constantly be aware of your purpose is to ensure that you think twice before you give up!

It’s never too late to start something new – whether it’s a new passion or a chance to upskill! Read ‘How to Learn Anything Easily and Quickly’ by Dhruv Rathree for free on 6th September for free!


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