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In Early Indians, Tony Joseph uses DNA evidence to trace the large migrations of modern humans into India – of agriculturists from Iran between 7000 BCE and 3000 BCE and pastoralists from the Central Asian Steppe between 2000 BCE and 1000 BCE. In this book, Joseph takes head-on some of the most controversial and...

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What happened after Nader Shah stripped the Peacock Throne of the Kohinoor?

On 9th December, acclaimed authors William Dalrymple and Anita Anand reveal the story of the Kohinoor, only on Juggernaut

A diamond no man can wear. Another that killed its owner. And one that did not sway a woman's heart. These are the world's most famous diamonds!

The Kohinoor was taken by the British, by force, from a frightened little boy

No other gem has captured imaginations as the Koh-i-noor, the ‘mountain of light’, and it continues to make news even now, with the Supreme Court of India asking the government what its plans were, after a plea was entered to bring back the diamond from the UK, where it currently is. As with many other historical...