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From 1977 to 2001, endosulfan spraying in cashew plantations of some 6,000 hectares poisoned 11 whole panchayats in the Kasaragod District of Kerala.

An excerpt from Swarga, Malayalam writer Ambikasutan Mangad's bestselling work based on the real-life endosulfan poisoning in Kerala

Veena Muthuraman writes about translating Malayalam writer Benyamin's Kumari Devi, her first translation ever.

'Welcome back into the world, Murugan. We are so very glad to have you.' - R. Sivapriya on Perumal Murugan

Read an excerpt from As The Day Darkens, by Tamil writer Ambai, introducing her detective Sudha Gupta.

Translator Zafar Syed on Ali Akbar Natiq, one of the hottest literary stars in Urdu writing today

An editor mourns the passing of a translator who was not just wonderfully skilful but extraordinarily sensitive to her material.

These books have pushed the boundaries of Hindi literature. Now, let’s see them translated!