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I sold a 100,000 copies of my debut novel within a year, that too without a single book launch, no media coverage and no professional PR.

From a Neil Gaiman classic to a crime noir set in Calcutta, here are Arup Bose's favourite books of 2016

Aparna Sinha, author of political thriller Ashvamedha, on politics being the art of manipulation and why more young people are joining politics.

I’m sure most Indian men would have a long list of what they want in their women (to those who need just about anyone from the opposite sex for sex, this post is not for them). Well, men, don’t be surprised, us women have lists too, and multiple lists at that! And since no two women are the same, we personalize,...

Juggernaut is proud to bring you the most sizzling Indian romances from Srishti Publishers-- India's #1 publisher of romance