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In this week's #HowWritersWrite, Anita Nair tells us about the art of the short story, and using different pens for different genres

This week's #HowWritersWrite features Kiran Manral, who uses only Calibri, keeps a bare desk, and writes every day.

Veena Muthuraman speaks to R. Sivapriya about writing fiction around demonetisation, and how characters find new ways to deal with it.

TEDx speaker and Frank O'Connor prize longlisted author Meghna Pant on why aren't we letting boys do whatever they want.

Sucheta Dasgupta on literary tours and why the short story is a more powerful medium in #HowWritersWrite

Ashwin Mudigonda on writing a short story collection that recounts the old days in Madras

Should we, as readers and writers, not explore what on the surface might seem bizarre and perplexing relationships? Divya Dubey writes

A biography of Mayawati. A historical fiction about the Chola empire. Bollywood scandals. A photo-romance. These are the books you will want to read over and over.

Devi Prasad Mishra is a renowned Hindi writer and filmmaker whose experimental, avant-garde prose has broken new barriers in literature. His collection of stories, In an Infamous Street, are known for its ‘nano stories’, stories with short, spare prose, that say a lot within a few lines. Renu Agal, Juggernaut Hindi...

This week we’re excited to share the cover for a fabulous collection of short stories by Veena Muthuraman – A Place of No Importance  Beginning with the month of Aipasi, Veena Muthuraman tells a story set in each month of the Tamil calendar. As a year unfolds, we get to know Ayyanarpatti: to the world, a small...