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Some literary characters simply become iconic. They come to life in a way that they become a real person you would like to know. And sometimes, you would like to date as well! Try out our lit-fic quiz and find out which literary fiction character should you date?

Do you have it in you to pick up the clues and solve crimes?

The man who gave us Sherlock Holmes would have turned 159 today. And we're celebrating with 5 of the best Holmes stories!

Did you know the Tintin comics were all serialized in magazines before they appeared in book form? So were the Sherlock Holmes stories, Charles Dickens’ novels, Madame Bovary, Tagore’s Gora, Asterix the Gaul, and R.K. Narayan’s novels too! Here are five books you never knew were serialized: Chandrakanta by Devaki...

Nandini Sundar wins the Ester Boserup prize, Sherlock is now a manga, and Elena Farrante's children's fiction will be out soon.

The serialized novel was big in Victorian England. And now, thanks to digital publishing, it's back.